Pain and Gain is a project devised to support anybody who is traversing an arduous section of their life. Inspired by sportsmen and sportswomen whose personal stories illustrate both how to overcome adversity and find success in a particular domain. We have invited famous illustrators and talented authors to participate in this project. We have altered the angle of how sport is usually perceived, and created a piece of inspiration for those who may need it.

A sport is both distinguishable and inseparable from the personalities who make it what it is. The famous sportsmen became a brand, they become names and products, but the real person behind the brands is usually hidden behind his or her victories, defeats, successes or scandals.

When people are striving to reach their goals, there come moments when they feel exhausted and left by themselves with their struggle for the dream. These times are hard to survive. No one could help you, neither friends nor enemies. You face a one on one battle. Whether it is business, studies, or sport. 

To show people who are on the way to their goals that they are not alone, and that hard times are merely the footsteps to success. To show the world that Rome was not built in a day, to share the difficult and grueling pathways that famous people have taken in order to become a part of the history.

To become a place where one can find inspiration for ones own struggle.


Jobs done:

— Brand identity
— Brand positioning statements
— Business strategy
— Marketing strategy
— Communication plans
— Marketing activities
— Creative and operational production supervision


Creative strategy — Boris Zelenkevich
Marketing strategy — Anton Maksakov


Kobe Bryant illustration by Sirobo
Matt Busby illustration by Dmitrij Ligaj
Kwezi Qika and Michael Jordan illustrations by Gatecrasher
Rucker Park illustration by  Alexandr Dragin
Maradona illustration by Sonya Rumyantseva