Inhale was created by two professionals with backgrounds in marketing and creative fields. The agency portfolio consists of real businesses that are either partially or completely owned by the inhale founders. However it does not then follow that our participation is limited by our shareholdings in a particular business, instead it means that our focus is on working on long-term and sustainable projects.

We are involved in the entire life of a business, product or service, from the initial idea till the product's delivery stage. Whilst our foremost passion is in the creation and origins of products and services we influence every aspect of the final product.

We seek simple and understandable ways to communicate the benefits of a business model and its creative essence.

For our clients we provide complete supervision over the operational process, until we are satisfied that the business is run according to its original idea. This supervision spans from all the details which make up the customer’s experience, such as fragrances or a type of pen in the hand of an employee, and ends with the production processes. 

Unless you are armed with real life experiences and skills mastered through passed successes running your own projects and businesses, then it is impossible to offer the pastoral care that we provide. We believe in simplicity, clarity and consistency in every detail of the business process. We do not create ads that increase sales, we create businesses based on brand added value that sell themselves.